Arch & arts latest work on the interior design of a young couple apartment located in Ain-Saadeh.

Case Study:

Our clients, a young couple, turned to us for help designing & furnishing their newly acquired apartment in Ain-Saadeh.

They wanted the apartment to feel like a serene, Asian-inspired, comfy-oriented place. So we infused smart catchy elements and Zen sensibilities to create an interior space with style & character. Nothing too fussy or fancy, but just simple & placid.

We went on by painting the walls with light shades of gray and/or covering them with minimalistic wallpapers patterns creating a catchy mix of subtle colors in all the apartment rooms.

Living & reception areas were kept clean and humble by selecting monochromatic color schemes for the main furniture, yet we did throw in some pillows with different textures to add some warmth to the space. Some other pieces that helped tie the furnishings together were a splurge accent of polished chrome elements.

The master bedroom design was of another match. We selected a Japanese-inspired low platform bed, and we kept the color palette simple with whites, woods and subtle grays.

Still in respect to the Asia-style guideline, we livened up the interiors with wood props, pops of black & white, and a refined mix of Japanese, Chinese and Thai geometric shapes. Doors were kept typical in terms of design & color so not to disquiet the ambiance and to accentuate the cohesiveness of the space.

Overall, we created a truly livable Asian-inspired space apt for relaxation and entertainment, an apartment that really stands out.

Below are some views from the project.