Arch & arts latest interior design project of a modern residence in Jounieh. Lifestyle exclusively created by Arch & arts.

Case Study:

The clients asked for a full redesign of their pretty spacious apartment (320m2) located in Jounieh.

The renovation program needed also to add an additional bedroom & bathroom to the residence and take advantage of some of the wasted space from the dining room and to open up the walls around the reception area to create a more uncluttered plan feel.

It was important to think about the context of the home, this is a cute family apartment and we didn’t want to lose that quaint style and characteristic of the home.  We wanted to stick to a contemporary look and the modern feel of thin minimal lines.

The concept we worked on was to minimize walls & free the space up for extra sunlight and to give the different rooms the needed modern look, a look that suits the client lifestyle.

So, the mood was to let sophistication and elegance shine through the whole residence.

We opted for developing a full customized set of furniture that was appealing and functional, in scale with the interior style, and in full cohesion with the warmth of the wood accents. Custom built-ins were designed for the client’s growing book collection, artwork display, TV, and also to add extra storage space.

Careful consideration was given to the height and arrangement of the furniture and accessories so as not to detract from the view. The open plan is perfect for entertaining and for a panoramic cityscape.

We worked on coordinating the styles, patterns, and colors in all spaces so each room flows to the next. A special attention was also dedicated for the lighting fixtures and reflected shadows.

Wallpaper accents were added to give pattern and color.  Contemporary artwork was selected to complete the look. The used unusual furnishings and lighting made the space quite unique to live in & experience.

The resulted new residence, a sophisticated yet inviting interior blended successfully with a transitional, streamlined styling that makes the best use of the given space.  With a look that is elegant, warm and comfortable.

Below are views from the completed project.