Arch & arts latest interior design project of a modern residence in Zouk Mikael. Lifestyle exclusively created by Arch & arts.

Case Study:

Most of the times an unpretentious design is the best solution. It’s under this dictum that we tackled this interior design project in a comfortable apartment in Zouk Mikael.

Again, a lot of careful planning and design work was initiated to create the feeling of calm and simplicity in the final interior.  And as always we were likewise thinking about functionality.

The different rooms were  designed so that they would feel spacious and without bold obstructions at eye level.

Ceiling lights were scattered around to create a nice game of shadow within the different areas. However, without excess to maintain an affinity of general lighting that should also be highly efficient, providing the perfect task lighting for living in an artful and attractive way.

In the main reception area, we used natural materials within the somewhat lengthy space.  Interacting with natural materials always helps achieve a perfect sense of wellbeing.  The chosen modern furniture was a critical part in exposing the beauty and coloring of the area. To enrich this look and feel we ensured to be decidedly practical and focused on maintaining distances, thus keeping the area breathable and comfy to live in.

On another hand the main bedroom wad filled with many details, and required a lot of thoughts and drills.  The target was to create a charming and enjoyable interior space full of all sensibleness and amenities without sacrificing the atmosphere. The owners obviously enjoyed the final result and the lovely space feels.

Below are views from the completed project.