Since our inception in the year 2000, we at Arch & arts, nurtured a scrupulous approach regarding the look & feel of our website.

As an innovative architecture & interior design firm we always envisioned a catchy, dynamic and creative website combined with a clear and ergonomic user-experience.

Guided by this strand, every new version of Arch & arts’ website (today we are celebrating the seventh installment in just 16 years) was a precious opportunity to restructure the content, embrace the newest trending tech features and provide a more intuitive set of navigation and self-serve tools.

Visually, Arch & arts website v.7 focused on redefining the image of the Arch & arts brand, with clear texts and large pictures, within a responsive interface that makes browsing a charming experience on all kind of devices, whether desktops, tablets or mobile phones. Thus this new website establishes a thick base which says everything about who we are and what we do in a more than ever vibrant way.

There overall styling is consistent, and our new website is now a rock-solid platform to expose our new & ongoing achievements.

Not to forget the full revamping of the popular Arch & arts blog which will be more frequently updated with new articles about our work (current & former) as well as the latest exciting features that are shaking the architecture & interior design industry.

We are happy to celebrate this new launch with all our clients & friends!