Arch & arts latest interior design project of a modern Apartment in Mansourieh. Designed & executed by Arch & arts.

Case Study:

Our clients, a young Lebanese expatriate family contacted us to transform their recently acquired apartment in Mansourieh into a decent & fresh living space.

The strategy was to develop an original concept for a cohesive residence, tailored within a minimalist modern style.

The apartment transformation relied on covering the walls with graceful shades of gray wallpapers alongside the addition of a full batch of indirect lighting on ceilings or walls.

The reception area was smartly tied together through a subtle mix of contemporary furnishings, blue hues, and some industrial wood and metal elements. We added eye-catching accents by selecting interesting and original art gears; incorporated organic pieces with a woven bench, rustic wooden tables and plants; and used burnt orange and deep yellow as secondary colors to complement the blue hues.

At the other end, the dining room was planned to accommodate a decent number of guests. The required look & feel was set through the clever use of play-off colors paint and incorporated burnt orange and deep beige tones to keep the apartment’s design consistent. The beautiful vases ornament perfectly encapsulate the dining room vibe.

We kept the living room clean and simple with a monochromatic color scheme, which we livened up with wood accents, pops of black and white, and geometric shapes throughout.

The master bedroom concept ambiance is calm and serene. So we selected a Japanese-inspired low platform bed, and we kept the color palette simple with whites, woods and blue-gray with a flat screen TV and a surround sound system incorporated into the room as well, filling the space volume with a potent character.

Bathrooms were upgraded by installing Japanese toilets and rain showers, with light neutral color tiling pattern while replacing hardware and adding appealing lighting fixtures and extra accessories.

The ultimate overall result reflected tranquility, vivacity and modernity!

With an airy feel and flow of things in the different areas of the apartment.

Below are views from the completed project.