Arch & arts latest interior design project of a contemporary residence in Monteverde. Lifestyle exclusively created by Arch & arts.

Case Study:

This small family apartment is a nod to the institution of modern urban living and the Lebanese countryside lifestyle. Located in a secluded area within the green Monteverde hill, the design concept was based on setting a constant connection between contemporary bold materials and relaxing spaces.

We divided the apartment into two living zones: the formal reception area and the comfier private family area. These 2 extents were associated by establishing a refined osmosis of colors & shapes.

The reception area was prearranged to be the heart of the residence, connecting the salon, dining & kitchen all together in a congruence design, and opening up to the intimate spaces.

The resulting tranquility, gave the area the looked-for calmness and forged a warm connection with the interior spaces of the private areas which revealed themselves from various angles. Further enhancement of the space was achieved through the proper selection of the materials palette. The internal gypsum batten ceilings not only guide and navigates visitors through the spaces, but also creates a dramatic juxtaposition to the timber flooring & ceiling lights. Elongated wood & metallic panels were used respectfully to integrate the fabrics and establish a further play on the horizontal nature of the built form proportions.

The private zone was kept comfy, with utilitarian materials that sits easily within its context. It is also a reminder of the practical elegant ambiance of the residence.

The wallpapers used in the different family rooms, principally the Master Bedroom, created a series of colonnades which are broken by windows, allowing the exterior light to spill and replenish the core of the apartment.

The concept & design of this family residence perfectly reflects the attitude of the owners and provides them a lovely & natural environment to strive.

Below are views from the completed project.