The owners, a creative young couple, in love with traveling, and greatly interested in architecture and design, were looking to a nice, temperate & trendy interior solution for their newly acquired apartment.

From the very beginning, the project was developed in a very close relation with the customers, who had an initial vision of the interior, but needed help in the synthesis of their ideas and work with the available, and quite big, space. Working on the design together was an interesting experience, as our tastes largely coincided, so we managed in a fairly quick time to develop an overall vision of the interior.

During the design process it was decided to perform with reference to neo-modernism – white walls, ceilings, floors, plaster cornices, indirect lighting…

The white walls in the reception & dining areas acted as the basis for the cheerful mix of lights and colors, enhancing the proportioned space accommodation and the purity of the architectural forms. Some classical elements were sporadically inserted in the master bedroom to add a minimal touch of rusticity.

The overall result was a contemporary Interior with contrasted colors, catchy material mix and a modern style solution, all complementing and saturating each other, creating an integral livable architectural space.



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