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From setting a preliminary concept and until turnkey delivery we always aim new heights in terms of landmark and efficiency.

“With us, your Project is on Solid Grounds”

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We are informed by an environmentally conscious design and by the desire to aesthetically blend disparate elements, ideas, and systems. Each new venture is a complex and refined challenge that embodies the unique client’s objectives.

We seek an architecture mindset where all aspects of the design are treated as equal and valuable. It’s in that spirit that our development process provides a highly critical approach and excellent customer service.

Interior Design

We offer full services in residential and commercial design. We provide the necessary elements to create exquisite and functional interiors tailored to complement our clients’ lifestyles.

Whether for new constructions or remodel of private homes, we relish every opportunity to enhance space. Each project offers a unique vision, accelerating the artistic nature of our team fulfilling the criteria of our clients to create ideal residential or commercial environments.

Execution & Consultancy

We provide all the specialized support for the appropriate execution of the designs. We aim to successfully combine our wide technical expertise with the demands of the projects to smoothly turn plans & drawings into real life functional models.

We highly consider each project to be critical and we guide our clients throughout all the stages of the construction process up from the planning, design, permitting and right until the final completion of the project.


With a solid experience that backs to the year 2000, we have an uninterrupted track record of renowned & completed projects for a large array of demanding & satisfied clients.


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Precision Engineering

Over the years Arch & arts has developed bright & flexible procedures that can be adapted to suit all kind of projects, whether commercial, residential or else.

Exacting Designs

Meticulous attention over details is Arch & arts leitmotiv. We cherish every element of the project and can’t get enough of pushing the limits.

Artistic Touch

A subtle mix between heart, colors & space is Arch & arts simple recipe. It’s no sorcerer medicine, yet we have excelled in mastering this approach to create eye-catching designs.


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