Located in a spotless building overlooking the Sioufi area in Ashrafieh-Beirut, this spacy & comfortable apartment was crying for attention.

The project was to totally renovate and rearrange theinterior into something more appealing and modern with a main emphasis on creating an entertainment lounge with
pool, bar, baby-foot as well as a Playstation videogame area.

The design largely focused on a complete makeover of the house, remodeling the space to accommodate 2 bedrooms, the reception/dining area, implementing an adult
entertainment lounge while reshaping the kitchen, bathrooms and other amenities.

The chosen design style was a vivid & fresh concept as the Riachi family lifestyle portrays whereas delight and versatility were the 2 driving fundamentals to perfectly
achieve the project. Tile style, paint colors and wallpaper selections were the factual generators to accentuate the grip of the house.

A careful selection of the fixtures, fabrics, carpets and decorative items settled the final & full mood of the modern family residence.



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