The apartment consists of a 250 sq.m flat in Ashrafieh, Geitawi St. in Beirut.

The brief was to design a contemporary, trendy yet practical space where the family can enjoy living together and receiving fiends and parents.

The main concept was based on developing simple and elegant rooms. Thus the space was full of grooved oak elements coupled with full height wallpapers to create a pleasant feeling of warmth and spaciousness with battered details in the manifestation of the carpets. Additionally and to reflect the cheerful spirit of the owners bright paint colors were extensively used encouraging eye-adaptation and space homogeneity.

Flooring essentially depended on on large tiles while the modern and classy furniture was selectively incorporated to create a super look!

Bright paint colors were equally extensively used encouraging eye-adaptation and space homogeneity.

The result was a spacious and harmonious apartment ideally fit for a modern family living.



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