Arch & arts latest interior design project of a modern loft in Ashrafieh. Designed & executed by Arch & arts.

Case Study:

Located in the premises of Sassine square, Ashrafieh, the owner program was to transform a 200 sq.m old apartment into a modern loft tailored for an everyday urban living as well as friends’ gathering and socializing during the weekends. In a nutshell turn the existing space into an enjoyable lifestyle experience in the heart of Beirut city.

Given the fact that converting a 1960s classical Lebanese apartment located in a somewhat antiquated building is a challenging adventure, our renovation approach was to tackle each room based on the foreseen necessities and to apply a full scale program to blend the whole space as one homogenate entity.

Different floor finishes were an important medium to help distinguish between areas and set the living space ambiance. While real wood parquet was the predominant choice, particularly in the private rooms, selective tiles reigned over other areas. Stylish rugs were also strategically placed to discern every living zone.

The choice of walls colors was another set of challenge. While the first choice of wall covering was aesthetic wallpapers with a limited use of rubber based paints we embraced wood covering for the master bedroom & the open space of the reception & dining areas. Adding an additional touch of warmth & authenticity.

The conversion process relied as well on a meticulous choice of furniture. It was a critical topic for setting the desired look & feel. We sought to resourcefully use naturally painted wooden furniture with subtle colorful touches throughout the rooms.

The type of furniture selected for the loft was in total compliance with the needed mood. Bold & large elements were at the centerfold of the concept, cleverly positioned to fill in gaps creating a harmonious & balanced sensation without obstructing the fluidity of the circulation flow.

Furniture was mainly a mix of fabric & leather with cautiously selected colors depending on the function and location whether in the living room, reception areas or bedrooms.

The entire loft conversion included full rewiring and plumbing works to ensure both the living space and the bathrooms worked effectively.

Finally, the disposition of the lighting elements & the ceilings design allowed us to add an extra artistic touch without neglecting to bring in additional natural light and make the loft look more spacious.

In respect with Arch & arts’ traditions this project was completed on schedule to the delight of our client, with high quality finishings and the everlasting attention to detail from our team.

Below are views from the completed project.