Arch & arts latest interior design project of a modern residence located in Beit-Meri. Lifestyle exclusively created by Arch & arts.

Case Study:

This new apartment in the outskirts of Beit-Meri had high potentials and needed a touch of contemporary functionalities; open space, sunlight, a centralized kitchen “hub,” a trendy dining room, an inviting reception area and as much storage as physically possible.  From this early programming, we were able to transmute the existing space and design a full catchy habitation.

The design development process consisted on primarily setting a practical floor plan and to begin fleshing out all of the components of the design, from cabinetry details to actual selections of lighting, colors, fixtures and furniture.  With loads of visual communication, we ensure our client understands our design concepts as well as what the finished product will look like, using 3d tools and Photoshop to illustrate design options and the strength points of our approach.

All the areas of the apartment were carefully adjusted to fit within the entire model with a special focus on taking advantage of the sunlight and the ample space the apartment floor had to offer.

Subsequently special lighting and accessories were added all along as well distinctive furnishings were scattered to the different parts of the house.

The finished product, thoughtfully designed for size, function, proportion and aesthetics, went together seamlessly and ultimately nothing was more exciting to us than transforming the lives of our clients!

Below are views from the completed project.