Arch & arts latest interior design project of a modern loft residence located in Mansourieh. Lifestyle exclusively created by Arch & arts.

Case Study:

This artist’s loft located at the higher floors of a multi-story building in Mansourieh in a somewhat greenery area was looking for an extreme makeover. The premise was quite old (built in the 60s) and did not make proper use of the footprint area. Furthermore, massive structural elements were identified as few of the major challenges we had to solve. This, however, minded not the decision to embrace a completely modern facet for the loft.

Since it was primarily a working space, we eliminated the bedrooms, so some decent additional working and gathering space was generated.

The remodeling road map we proposed was essentially based on simple elements.

The material palette was mainly borrowed from the owners’ lifestyle codes. With a pronounced reliance on smoked oak & teak wood throughout the living & working zones.

Furniture was kept minimalistic to keep up with the loft essence and was carefully chosen to best fit each space and utility.

Modular kitchen replicated the wood materials with ample space for sitting and accommodating many folks for dining.

The loft integrated a vast office area with large desk and library combined in wood and metal.

The colors palette was understandably kept simple. In contrast with the dark wood that was the predominant color we conceived a fresh and colorful pattern for the walls, floors & ceilings.

As typical in our projects we exploited a wide array of modern lighting fixtures to brighten the loft sections, creating a nice game of shadows at nights while providing the needed amount of light for work during the days.

The final design was a fresh embellish for a modern loft living.

Below are views from the completed project.