Arch & arts tackled this family duplex home with extensive refurbishment and restoration values.

Case Study:

We always say that the entrance to a home is the handshake of the area. It’s within this metaphorical outlook that the centerpiece introduces and runs through the house. Geometric rhythms were the focal influences to renovate the different areas.

High-contrast colors and shapes were deliberately used with some textured blackened wood and white tiles to create energy and interest. The true, clean lines of the different zones intersecting with fresh ambient & artificial lights form a strong and dynamic interface to increase the volumes in the different parts of the residence while adding a stylish contemporary zing.

The essential part of our architectural ID work was extending the footprint of the house wherever it was feasible (balconies, gardens…). Pocket doors were added to allow the space to be open when needed and closed away for the rest of the day. The pattern of colors chosen was kept pretty bright with a few twists to add privacy and shade when needed

The several rooms of the house were jam-packed with resolutely geometric furniture, nonetheless on the first floor in the main entertaining area the shapes of the furniture are curvaceous and inviting. The fixtures combined the three principles of being practical, atmospheric and elegant.

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Below are 3d views from the project.